Inmate sends selfies to various women

A smirking inmate used a cell phone to send a string of ‘prison selfies’ from his jail cell to women who aren’t his wife.  The inmate, convicted of a shotgun murder, recently married long-time fiancee in a jail service.  Read more… Read Story

Cell phone disguised as watch smuggled into prison

The New Mexico Corrections Department has found a new threat – a cell phone disguised as a watch.  Found on a prison inmate during a lockdown, this is major security threat and it’s nothing like this corrections department has ever seen.   Read more Read Story

How prison gangs conceal contraband cell phones – article from The Atlantic Magazine

It’s a well-documented fact that cellphones find their way inside prisons, and corrections officers turn to contraband detectors to thwart these efforts.    Read the fascinating story on prison gangs, published in the Atlantic magazine, which provides a vivid portrait of the extraordinary efforts by inmates to conceal this cellular contraband.  Read more Read Story

Cellsense receives rave review in Correctional News

Cellsense received a glowing review in Correctional News, a leading resource for the correctional industry. The review was written by Joel Herron, the former Chief of Security for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety-Prisons, where Cellsense was used to detect over 400 contraband cell phones during a nine month period.  Cellsense Acclaim in CorrectionalNews […] Read Story

Cell phones help inmates get high inside prisons

UK Jails are being flooded with  lethal substances – some as addictive as cocaine – the prison officers’ association has warned a prison guard could be killed by convicts who are on legal highs behind bars. Inmates arrange the drops using smuggled mobile phones and the substances  are pouring into the nation’s jails, the prison officers’ association warns. […] Read Story

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